The book is organized so as to help the reader develop his/her own reconciliation between concepts related to scientific realism and pragmatic constructivism.  Explanation (what is an explanation, what counts as an explanation, why do we use explanation, when does explanation suffice, and when does explanation disappoint) is always the focus.  Our contributed texts are edited from the talks and discussions held at the conference and then are tied together with extensive references to real life cases and running commentary.


Groundwork                                                          Literature Review, History 
The Two Perspectives                                          Case Studies, Scientific Realism, Pragmatic Constructivism
Scientific Realism Inspired Approaches               Kevin Kelly, Stan Salthe, William Wimsatt
Reaching Across the Divide                                 Nancy Nersessian, Paul Thagard, Sandra Mitchell
Narrative: the Pragmatic Constructivist Tool        Rukmini Nair, Timothy Allen, David Snowden, Hugo Letiche
Where to From Here?                                          Steven Wallis, Jonathan Waskan, Beckett Sterner